The Love Argument

The right of any two non-related consenting adults to get married
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The Love Argument

Post by *GA* » Thu Oct 19, 2017 1:31 pm

If two people love each other they should be able to get married!

A legitimate claim?

Then if two people love each other they 'should' get married? And then if they don't get married, do they then not love each other?

For one thing it is the ceremony and vows relating to marriage that signify the love aspect, that's rather than its legal side (love is not a legal thing).

And then what of divorce law. Do we need to modify that, eliminate it even? If marriage is about love, then divorce is about hate? The simple fact is that love and hate in this instance appear to cancel each other out. Meaning that intangible, fickle, thing we call love is not grounds for the creation of a law, or for that matter any changes to an existing law.

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